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Hybrid Specialists

Junction Motors is one of the few Hybrid certified and trained car workshops in London, let alone Watford. It is a common misconception that hybrid or fully electric vehicles can only be properly serviced or repaired at the main dealerships.

With the growing prominence of Hybrid cars, that use a combination of electric and fossil fuel, it is more important than ever for car owners to use a car garage that is fully certified to carry out work on such vehicles.

What’s the difference between Hybrid and Electric Cars?


Electric cars

Electric cars have the potential to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, depending on the type of electricity that charges the battery. The car itself is actually only as green as their battery ‘juice’ is. Natural gas electricity can result in less than half of the total emissions of the best combustion vehicle, this includes the manufacturing process.

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars

Unlike electric vehicles, hybrids produce some emissions as they rely on petrol or diesel, as well as a battery to power the car. They have an electric motor, a battery pack and a regular combustion engine.

Plug-in hybrids have much larger batteries which means they can be charged through the mains. From a fully-charged battery, you can expect up to 30 miles of emissions-free driving before it reverts back to the petrol or diesel engine.